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AlloyGator Wheel Protection

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Alloy Gator Wheel Protection Vancouver 

Protect Your Wheels from Curb Damage

The world isn't always kind to your wheels. It's easy to graze the curb when parking or hit deep pot holes, causing expensive damage to your alloy wheels. That's why you need a proven wheel protector like AlloyGator. AlloyGator is a wheel protection system installed between the rim and tire. When an impact occurs, AlloyGator safeguards your wheels.

Watch what happens to an unprotected wheel vs a wheel protected by AlloyGator:

Why Choose AlloyGator

    Potential Savings: If you damage your wheels, you'll be looking at an expensive repair service. With AlloyGator installed, you can save potentially hundreds of dollars by preventing damage from happening in the first place. AlloyGator is great for personal use or business owners who need to protect a car fleet.

    Color Customization: The AlloyGator wheel protection system is available in a variety of colors to complement your style, including but not limited to: black, white, silver, yellow, green, pink, purple, sky blue, red, and orange. Color is consistent throughout the life of your AlloyGator wheel protection system and is warranted against color fade for two years. Some exclusions apply. See AlloyGator.ca for details.

    Certified Protection: AlloyGator is the only HORIBA-MIRA certified wheel protector on the market. HORIBA-MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) is a global provider of engineering, research, and test services to the automotive, defense, aerospace, and rail sectors. AlloyGator has been tested at speed under normal driving conditions.

    Easy Maintenance: When performing your regular wheel maintenance, you'll also be taking care of your AlloyGator system. AlloyGator can be washed with normal car shampoo or universal wheel cleaners suitable for delicate finishes like chrome, and a soft bristle brush can be used to wash the system by hand. Washing wheels removes grime and prevent the accumulation of road grit on your wheels and between the wheels and AlloyGator system.

The AlloyGator wheel protection system should be installed by a professional. OK Tire Vancouver is an authorized AlloyGator dealer and installer serving Vancouver, BC, Burnaby, BC, Richmond, BC, and surrounding areas.

Call (604) 879-8936 for questions or purchasing information

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OK Tire Vancouver has been open since 1987. The family owned business lives up to their "from father to son" motto, by offering unmatched care for their customers. Located in Vancouver and surrounding areas, our certified technicians can perform auto repair service for tires, brakes, alignments, and preventative maintenance. We are open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

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